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Six hundred and twenty seven days!! Or 1 year 8 months and 19 days, or….15048 hours, or even 54,127,800 seconds…but what ever way you look at it, its been a very long time.

Since what – well, my last post on this blog of course!

Hope you missed me, heck, I missed me! But what have I been doing these last 627 days that has not enabled me to post here?

Well since my last post I have – to paraphrase –  gotten divorced, moved home (twice) sold my Photography Studio (to pay lawyers!!) had to deal with a new partner getting breast cancer and had my driving licence taken away by the DVLA because of illness!


Rather than have this a negative blog post I’ll finish on the positives of which there are lots !

I still shoot the odd fashion or model shoot but I have morphed more into Training and image manipulation (Photoshopping). I’m in the process of now setting up a new business arm of my empire photographing pets, my license is likely to be returned to me within the next 4-6 weeks, my GF is free of the cancer and Summer is almost here

So all is well with the world.

See you next time (before 627 days)