After a bit of a break for reflecting on life “The Starving Artist” is back.

Here are 25 tips tricks and some general advice that could help you become a better photographer:

  1. A really expensive camera won’t make you a better photographer
  2. The lens quality is more important than the camera body features and functions – always buy the best lens you can afford
  3. Always shoot in RAW format – always
  4. Don’t delete images from the back of your camera
  5. Alcohol and photography don’t mix
  6. Don’t always take photographs from head height – get low – get high
  7. Don’t stop shooting because it’s raining or snowing or cold
  8. Shoot lots and often
  9. Develop your own individual style of photography, but don’t copy others
  10. The best light is natural light
  11. Only show off your best work to others
  12. Don’t be afraid of using high ISO and having some grain in an image
  13. Learn how to post process an image correctly
  14. Have your monitor and printer colour calibrated regularly
  15. Don’t act suspicious on the street with a camera
  16. Be confident when taking people pictures
  17. Smiles & laughter go a long way to a good picture
  18. Slow down, look around you BEFORE you click the shutter
  19. Strive for good composition – remember the rule of thirds
  20. Tell a story with your images
  21. Share your passion for photography
  22. Watch your shutter speed
  23. Don’t be afraid of flash – learn how to use it correctly
  24. Shoot at night
  25. Back up your precious images – OFTEN


Best – Colin