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iPhoneography – taking photos with your iPhone – right?

A brief history lesson first – back in November 2008 a fellow called Glyn Evans launched a Blog onto the unsuspecting world, called iPhoneography.com. Glyn’s Blog bought the phrase iPhoneography to the masses, more so because Apple has Patent rights on the term iPhone and to date have not pursued him for infringement – thus implying tacit approval. 

iPhoneography has become very big business these days. With the explosion of the App store there are literally thousands of Apps for the iPhone and many are specifically related to the Camera function of the phone.

Like most people with an iPhone, I have downloaded my fair share of “Apps” for the camera, I have the usual HDR Apps & Camera Plus, along with the almost mandatory Instagram App, but yesterday I downloaded an App I had only been made aware of via an advert in an online magazine, and its called Hipstamatic.

Hipstamatic uses the iPhone’s camera function to enable you to shoot square photographs, to which it applies a number of software filters to make the images look as though they were taken with an antique film camera. You can then choose among a number of effects which are presented in the application as simulated lenses, films and flashes. 

Its a pretty cool App to play with, you can change lenses and film types with just a swipe of your finger to give you hundreds of different possibilities when shooting – but does it cut the mustard?

One of the great things I learnt pretty quickly is that rather than having to change lenses and film types between shots (which could get very time consuming) you can enable a “shake to randomise” feature. Just shake your iPhone and you will get a random selection of lens and film type. I looked pretty daft shaking my phone vigorously  every few minutes!!

Here are twenty of the best, different subjects, different lens/film combinations.

Would I recommend Hipstamatic? You bet

Would I have taken any of these photos if I had been using my DSLR? Nope

Is it art? I think so 🙂

Foxy Lens - GS0 Film

GSQUAD Lens - Kodak XGrizzled FilmJimmy Lens - Ginas 1962 FilmLibatique 73 Lens - Kodak X Grizzled FilmFoxy Lens - Blanko FilmTejas Lens - Inas 1969 FilmLucas AB2 Lens - GS- 0 FilmFoxy Lens - XGrizzled FilmJimmys Lens - Inas 1969 FilmFoxy Lens - XGrizzled FilmLibatique 73 Lens - Sugar FilmMelodie Lens - Blanko FilmJames M Lens - GS-0 FilmHipstamatic - blog-16GSQUAD Lens - Big Up FilmLucas AB2 Lens - Inas 1969 FilmMelodie Lens - Dream Canvas FilmSusie Lens - Sugar FilmSusie Lens - Rock 11 FilmLucas AB2 - Blanko FilmLibatique 73 Lens - Inas 1982 Film


Best – Colin