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I’ve spent a good few years of my life photographing people (among other things) and over the years I have heard many a person say that “photographing people is easy”. Well, to be fair, if you know how to use a camera, know where to add light or subtract light from and can properly pose an individual then yes – I suppose photographing people is easy.

But then, driving a car is easy too, if you can co-ordinate your eyes, hands, ears and feet to do different things all at the same time!

If you don’t know how to use a camera, or can’t co-ordinate your body, then taking photographs of people, or driving a car is definitely NOT easy.

Taking nice portraits of people IS easy, for someone who has plenty of experience, (just like driving a car) but what is not easy is taking a different portrait of a person. I know, you can change the lighting, change the props, dress them up in different clothing, put them in a different location etc etc etc but after a while they still all look the same, just nice portraits of people.

Recently I had a lady come to me asking, in her words, for, “something different”. I asked if there were any limitations or caveats to this and she said no, I just want something different.

A nice easy client !!

I could have spent thousands on a bespoke photo set, or whisked the client away to some exotic location and perhaps used a Tiger as a prop, or some other over the top solution. But I decided upon simplicity. Put her in a box.

And that’s what I did.

I knew of a large iron box that had a hole cut out in the side and decided to put her in there. We had her make up done pretty brightly along with some awesome finger nail colours and just, well, put her in the box.

The fact you can only see her eyes and not her mouth along with the harsh lighting adds some mystery to the portrait


For this next shot we asked her to position her hands as if she was trying to escape from the box.

Something very different and I obviously wouldn’t shoot all my clients this way, but this client loved the shots 🙂

Best – Colin