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We all work hard and we all work long hours and in these trying times that we live in everyone wants a little bit more, for a little bit less – so we end up working even harder and even longer.

As photographers we do, by nature tend to work more at weekends than most, weddings tend to be on a weekends, crowd friendly events tend to be on weekends, families want portraits taken at weekends, so we end up working long hours at weekends too, when often this is the only time we have free for our own families.

Families are important, they are your history AND your future, families are what bind you together give you meaning and understanding.

So why do we work at times when our spouses and family members are not – usually not through choice, but through necessity. 

Today though, I made a choice, I made a choice NOT to work, but to take my family out for the day to a local Arboretum – I think everyone in my county had the same thought, it was a lovely Autumnal day, beautiful sunshine but around 6 degrees (cold!!) and a journey that normally takes 40 minutes took the best part of 90 minutes.

It was cold, it was muddy, It was stressful parking in a muddy field – but was it worth it – you bet it was to see my daughter with a smile on her face because “Daddy didn’t have to work” when mummy was home.

Go make some time for your families, none of us are around forever.

Best – Colin