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The photography business is a great business to be in, going to exotic locations, driving fast cars, shooting beautiful models every day…………

Right, sorry, I was just day dreaming a bit there.

It’s actually pretty mundane unless you regularly shoot covers for Vogue, then its pretty exciting, but for us lesser photographers it’s usually 10% photography, and then 90% work (marketing, sales, networking etc) trying to generate that 10% photography.

But occasionally a job comes along that gets the old grey matter thinking and does make it all worth while. Back in the Summer I was contacted by a local model from Model Mayhem (a photographer, model, MUA, networking site) who explained to me she was in a band and wanted to branch out on her own in a different direction and so wanted some promo shots.

Nice and easy this one, her modelling profile shouted “Goth” and her normal everyday look was “Goth”, so I straight away was thinking red candles, dark stone walls, maybe some roses strewn across the floor and for good measure a bit of smoke too – job done.

Or so I thought.

This model really wanted something completely different from her normal Gothic look, something pretty unique to me, she said. Can I leave it with you? Was her parting comment!

So how do you shoot some different unique images of someone who lives eats and breathes a particular look – simple – you stick them in a wedding dress!

When I came up with this idea I needed a reasonably unique setting to put her in, after all, I couldn’t just put her in a wedding dress and stick a guitar in her hand and expect a picture now could I?

So after a bit of searching I found a terrific piece of graffiti, that fitted quite well with the look I was trying to create – a beautiful girl with angels wings, holding a spray can – a bit of an angelic rebellious message there.

Anyway, the model loved the idea and the shoot went really well. My favourite image of the shoot is on here below – I think it turned out rather well, and the model was over the moon too

Best – Colin