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Short (well, short ish) post today!

I shoot models. In fact, at some stage or another in their careers most “people” photographers shoot models too. You can’t always shoot for a client, you can’t be too creative with a client, you can’t do your own thing with a client.

So you shoot models.

But how often do you you actually listen to your model. I mean, you usually shoot a model because you have a specific shoot planned and you know what you want and you know how to shoot it, so what does the model know?

A lot actually.

A good model can usually pose and move with little direction, but a great model can give some great insight into what is working and what is not and can even change the direction of the whole shoot.

But you gotta listen.

I was shooting a vintage shoot on a beach with two models, blazing sunshine but bitingly cold, two girls in circle dresses having a vintage picnic on the beach, nice idea, great theme, good props, but it just wasn’t working.

One of my models then said to me, look, I have a vintage swimsuit in my bag, let me wear it and you shoot me walking up out of the sea? I wasn’t sure it was going to work, but I went with it

You know what – they were the shots of the day!

best – Colin