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No, I don’t mean an iPhone (or other Smartphone cameras) – even though they can produce some pretty good images, my particular model is an 8 MP camera – wow – only a few years ago that was high end in a DSLR – how technology moves on. I mean do you carry around a DSLR all the time?

I don’t

And I don’t, because my D3/D4 are just too darn heavy and cumbersome to carry around everywhere. But what I used to find was I would come across a scene, probably walking the dog (I do that a lot – walk the dogs) and I’d either walk on by, or snap away with the iPhone. But getting home and downloading the image to a big monitor I would invariably be a little disappointed

Then along came the Fuji x100.

I was never really into “rangefinder” type cameras, although I did have an old Russian Kiev rangefinder when I was a boy. But after reading all the reviews and handling one down at the local Jessops, I persuaded the wife to buy me one. Now I’m not going to going into writing a review of the X100, there are plenty of reviews out there on the web, written much better than I ever could, but, if you have never used one, just go and have a look in your local camera store – they are immense!

The x100 has totally changed the way I go about photography (my personal stuff, not my bread and butter paying the bills work – I still have a D4 for that!!). The little camera (and it is little) is never left at home now, not even when I go on dog walks and I love it. It produces images that no Smartphone can better and it produces images that several higher end DSLR’s will struggle to produce and it just looks the business – a nice little retro camera that fits in the hand.

I was walking the dogs last night, walked over the canal just as the sun was going down and catching the sides of the narrow boats, the iPhone could never have reproduced this!

best – Colin