Bit daunting this, never written a blog before, so used to just knocking out Facebook comments left right and centre from a mobile phone usually. But want a bit more than that (aside from the fact FB has just changed their algorithms and posts don’t show up in other users’ feeds – but that’s another story)

This blog will be very visual, I am a photographer after all and I hope to document my shoots and my life around those shoots and also hopefully give you a little insight into what’s its like being a photographer (its not all glamour!!)

I use Photoshop a lot (I mean A LOT) but its a tool, if the picture starting off is rubbish, no matter how much PP you use will make it better !

Well, to open up this blog I’m going to post a shot of the lovely Laura Mai – she was introduced to me as a lady who wanted to “get into modelling” and asked if I could shoot her, it turns out, after talking to her that she is actually an internationally famous  singer who has sung at the Royal Albert Hall in front of the Queen & Prince Philip! You’d never have believed it!

I’ve shot Laura a number of times over the last couple of years, mostly for her own promotional material and she always has “Harry” in tow – Harry is her microphone, encrusted with 1500 Swarovski crystals !

Hope to see you regularly on the blog

Best – Colin